From CFO Vision to Action Plan published an article by Alix Stuart entitled: Enemy Number One: The Clock – So much to do and so little time is a common CFO lament, according to a recent survey. Here are my comments posted on the article:

In my conversations with CFOs, “so much to do and so little time” is a constant issue that they bring up as well.

A CFO has a lot to do and not enough time to do it in.

The recommendations of better scheduling, better IT and better staffing will certainly help the CFO accomplish more in less time.

For a CFO to be most effective, he or she needs to know what their vision for themselves and their team is within the company, and what their game plan is to ensure that they meet that vision.

In my experience, many CFOs are focused on the deliverables and are not taking the time to properly plan.


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    Large businesses have proven the benefits of using and empowering their CFOs. Now a minority of SME are taking advantage of the proper use of CFO expertise, let’s just underline that the one that does are leading the way. Samuel, this is a great angle you are taking, I’m sure your work will help SMEs to make that decision that will easily get them closer to the best profits they can do!

    All the best!


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